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How To Host A Successful Product Launch

Monday 21st March 2022

Hosting a new product launch is an exciting time for your business, it’s the chance to set the precedent for the sales and success of your product. There are many ways in which you can do that;


Be Innovative 


When it comes to launching a new product, having an innovative strategy with the launch whereby your product is launched in a memorable way is important. Getting your desired audience interested and interacted in testing your product will allow them to recommend it to others. In order to do this the launch itself needs to be exciting and creative. For example M&M’s hosted an immersive experience in a New York City venue where they decorated various rooms in accordance with different M&M flavours, enhancing the five senses of the attendees. Not only that but the event visually was unique and definitely a great chance for their audience to get content for social media. 


Know Your Audience


Deciding who to invite to your launch will be dependent on the target audience. Once you have identified them, curating a guestlist of potential consumers who are from all over to attend your event will be ideal to get your name out there. Not only this but discovering the key influencers in your area, be it a fashion launch, a cleaning product launch, a car launch etc influencers are vital to spreading the word. Keeping them happy and entertained by your product is important for the promotion of your product. As well as this depending on your budget and contacts, inviting celebrities could be a great way to get press for your product launch and therefore create a bigger intrigue and hype.




Ensuring the location that you choose is best suited to your company and has the right space for you. Here at Victoria Warehouse we have 12 completely unique spaces for hire, with capacities ranging from 12 to 3,500 depending on the amount of people you need to target. Finding the right space is something that may take time so dedicating planning time to look at a few locations whilst taking note of how the vibe makes you feel. For example if a place is dark and cold, it won’t make your guests want to stay for the desired amount of time. 


Decor and Theme


Making sure the aesthetic of your event is good will ensure that guests are more inclined to create their own content and take pictures. Having good lighting is key so that your product is able to be captured well.




It’s all about the entertainment! Keeping your guests entertained will mean that they stay longer and have positive memories of the event. Hiring a fun DJ, and depending on the event a free bar could be a positive choice as it will give guests a reason to hang around the venue and mingle for longer.


All About The Content


Curating mass amounts of content of customers testing your product and of the event itself is paramount. Making sure you have the best equipment, and even a designated social media assistant can really help to elevate your brand through social media presence. Instagram and TikTok are very popular platforms so researching into them and planning ahead of time the sort of photographs and videos that would best represent your product will be very important. Being able to create memorable instagram moments for the target audience will allow for your event to stick into their minds.


At Victoria Warehouse we have hosted many product launches for a variety of different brands, from Harley Davidson to GHD, Ebay to Swan Appliances. From events for a huge amount of attendees to smaller more intimate events we know how important getting the launch of a product right can be. For more information on the spaces we offer check out our venue hire section on our website

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