The Buildings

An industrial icon reborn, time and again…

That emblematic red brick. A warren of rooms and features. This is just the tip of our building’s personality, and you’ll have much to explore when you visit.

Victoria Warehouse is never the same twice. But equally, we’re one of the main stitches in Manchester’s cultural tapestry. We’ve stayed flexible and inviting to so many audiences, with an industrial backdrop that cannot be topped elsewhere in the UK.

With 5,326 m2 of event space to pick from and dress however you want, the Warehouse is your conceptual playground. Let our event specialists give you the tour for parties, exhibitions, fine dining or brand launches – whatever you’re hoping to accommodate. The venue was built to handle goods for some of the biggest brands in the world. Nothing is too big for it, or too modest for the finer details to count.

Over two floors, and 13 potential event spots, your experience will find a home. Then it’s a matter of handling the specifics, from décor and seating to scheduling and security. We have on-site parking too, plus a few outdoor areas, if you want them.

There’s even a Victoria Warehouse Hotel for overnight stays. It’s a testament to what we’ve achieved here. Along with the entire run of spaces; facilities and backstage areas can compliment your event – we’ve thought of it all.

And that’s what it’s all about – delivering an iconic experience. At our venue, your occasion gets to make history…

Check out our story so far, or discover our event spaces one at a time.

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