Vision & Values

We’ve built our venue on strong values and a clear vision.


Envisioning greatness on a national stage


Becoming an icon isn’t easy. The brands, performers and organisations that walk through our doors know it takes a certain magnetism – something that no one else is doing.

But that’s exactly what Victoria Warehouse is made for. We look to be iconic, inspiring and unforgettable, so that we can transfer those qualities to you.

Our venue is already at the centre of conversations around the UK. They’ll only get louder as we continue to stage the best, most remarkable experiences in the country.


What our values mean to you

We are creative

Wild dreams should be let loose. We start with a blank canvas, and design it around your imagination, theme and requirements. It’s a true partnership. Throughout, we’ll make small, vital recommendations that deliver huge aftershocks to the success of your event. On the day itself, your guests won’t see what’s coming

We are adaptable

Victoria Warehouse has always moved with the times. Our team is no exception; we’re incredibly flexible, treating each part of the event with the same clear-eyed confidence. No hand-wringing. No compromises. We’ll do our best to put magic in every moment, however far your brief strays from the ordinary.

We are memorable

When was the last time you witnessed something you couldn’t believe? For us, that is a rule – never the exception. Victoria Warehouse can look, feel and sound any way you wish it to. The ordinary world doesn’t apply here. With us, your event is brought to life, becoming a memory that unites an audience as they take it home with them.

Our mission?

To be an iconic and inspiring destination where the UK’s greatest events and experiences unfold. To be the place everyone is talking about.


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