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The Biggest Myths Around Product Launches – BUSTED!

Thursday 12th September 2019

There’s a lot of build-up behind a typical product launch. You want to cause a stir, set fire to the imagination, and have the right people talking about you. But there are some key misconceptions about these events. We want to clear them up, so you’ll know what’s worth considering at the planning stages before the lights hit the podium.

“The venue doesn’t matter too much”

Some brands assume that the product launch space itself is all they should focus on. But that’s far from the truth – piece by piece, the whole venue adds to the overall impression. You may want a theme, for instance, inspired by the product itself. A tech, leisure, sport, music or mechanical item needs to correspond with its backdrop if it’s to get the most from the environment and the time your guests spend there. Search for venues that are easy to make your own through hallways, social areas and receptions.

“You don’t have to be ultra-selective when it comes to delegates”

Every attendee should be one of two things – a future buyer, or someone who can amplify the product’s value. Journalists, analysts, bloggers, vloggers and famous industry figures should make up the bulk of your list, along with any prospective clients you’ve been talking to. Family and friends might seem like a nice addition, but they’re far from essential. Similarly, don’t invite business contacts on a whim just because they want to be there. Each invite needs a reason to exist.

“No one remembers the small details”

Just as you’d concentrate on other areas of the venue aside from the launch space, remember that people pay attention to other features aside from the main reveal. Table dressings, for example. How clean the rooms are. The charisma of the host. Screens, gift bags and greetings at the front desk. While the launch will take the bulk of delegates’ attention, it isn’t everything. Top event planners will ensure you’ve got a clean, inventive, well-thought-out space that keeps delighting people.

“A month or two’s notice is plenty”

Start event planning at least three months before the launch. This gives you more than enough time to book the venue, stoke interest, and build a landing page for the product online. Two months before, send your product out for testing; it gives potential customers and influencers a flavour of what’s coming. You can then feed their reviews through social media, building buzz around the event ahead of its climax.

“Seeing the product in action is enough of a takeaway”

Unless you’re giving an Apple keynote speech, attendees should have a few reminders of the event – items or mementos they can take home. Tote bags are useful, filled with brochures and contact info. Consider photo booths for a printable keepsake. Think of creative ways to use business cards around the venue too – perhaps ones that include a special code for a discount or link to a demo video. Event planners can advise on any extras that will help you stick in the mind long after the venue has closed its doors.


At Victoria Warehouse, we’ve hosted many product demonstrations, giving brands a stage to make the world take notice. Take a look through photos of previous launch events to give you the inspiration to host your very own. Your launch can be anything you hope for with our team at your side.

Get in touch for a Manchester event like no other.

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