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Why You Should Host An Anniception

Friday 28th January 2022


A combination of an anniversary and a wedding reception.

For many couples, getting married during the pandemic meant that they had to have a smaller ceremony, with fewer guests than originally planned. Due to this, anniceptions – which are wedding anniversary celebrations – have risen in popularity over the last few months and are set to be a big trend in 2022.

This rise in the two part wedding trend also had us at Victoria Warehouse thinking, are there any benefits of hosting a two part wedding?Now restrictions have been lifted, and whether you were married during the pandemic and are now looking to involve more friends and family in your celebrations or have been married decades long, anniceptions are a great way to remember the magic of weddings and here we have a list of reasons you should host an Anni-Ception.

Less Pressure

Anniceptions can be a chance to go even bigger, revisiting one of the most important days but with more people and more fun. There is a chance for those who missed the original wedding to make speeches, dance with the bride and groom and watch them say special vows to one another. The best thing about anniceptions is undoubtedly the fact that there is a lot less pressure on them. Unlike a wedding, which has many things to take into account such as the all important dress, guestlist, location it can be done very similarly to the big day that has gone before.

Rewearing The Wedding Dress

A bride’s wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most memorable outfits she will ever wear therefore what bride wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to rewear the dress for an anniception? As some friends and family won’t have seen the dress in real life it is a perfect chance for the bride to get more pictures in it. Many brides could also opt to wear a different dress to the anniception, more understated, if they choose but the option is there should they go for it.

Honouring the Original Day

Many people host the events as close to the anniversary of the original wedding date as possible, to remember and honour the day. It’s also common to include the original bridesmaids and groomsmen from the original day in the anniception celebrations, the best thing is this can be in whichever way suits you. From the groomsmen giving speeches, or the bride throwing the bouquet these original traditions can still be relived in the anniception. Using the same photographer/videographer as the original day if possible would be a great way to maintain a sense of continuity between the two events as the photos can all be printed in the same album as a memory.

Change What You Didn’t Like

With hindsight, everything is easier. Creating a vision for the anniception will be important, as you can take from the original celebration what you enjoyed and leave what could have been improved. The event could be completely different to the original, with new venues, themes and food! The most important thing is having a good time.
To conclude, anniceptions can be a fun way to reminisce and relive the original wedding day, it has undoubtedly also been a tough time for weddings this past year, with many not being able to see family and loved ones on their special day, this is a perfect way to have a huge celebration of love. The lack of pressure and ability to let go allows for a carefree day all about everyone enjoying themselves.

Looking to host an ‘Anni-Ception’ party this year? Here at Victoria Warehouse Manchester we’re offering the ‘Best Day Ever Part II – The Anni-ception Party Package where you can find out more about HERE or contact our Special Events team at or call 0161 974 1200

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