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Top Tips for Health and Wellbeing in Corporate Events

Thursday 17th February 2022

The importance of health and wellbeing is vital, as many corporations have seen an 80% increase in the need for employee mental health care.With many employees experiencing anxiety, stress and depression the issue is something that has become a priority in addressing to look after their wellbeing. In events this is no exception, with only 5% of event planners reporting their events were ‘very healthy’ (Incentive Research Foundation, 2019). Therefore we have compiled a list of the top tips to help cater to health and wellbeing in events so that they can enhance delegates’ wellbeing as well as their knowledge.

Providing Healthy Food

At your events it will help to promote healthy eating by offering a range of foods that are good for them. As diet can impact the way people feel, encouraging them to eat healthily by providing them with a variety of nutritious foods is a great way to improve wellbeing.
Things such as fruit and yoghurts, salads, dairy milk alternatives are great options to have on hand at your event. As well as providing decaffeinated alternatives to coffee, which can increase nervousness and anxiety, such as plenty of water which can be distilled with fresh fruit for an exciting punch.


Colours can influence and impact mood and therefore incorporating the right colours into events will help with improving wellbeing. For example yellow is a welcoming colour which will put attendees at ease, with cool colours like blue and green allowing for calmness and relaxation. Choosing carefully the aura you want to emit in your events will subliminally improve the mood of attendees so it is important to consider.

Down Time

Conferences for example can be typically quite intensive learning experiences so It is important to ensure that there is plenty of down time during the course of your event. Providing ‘chill out’ areas that are separate from the main working space, will give attendees a change of scenery and time to themselves, or time to catch up with others. Having these in an event will give attendees a chance to absorb the information given to them during the course of the event, or a bit of quiet time to reflect or destress if needed, allowing their return to the main area to be more positive and productive. Having chill out areas outdoors is also a good idea with fresh air and natural light but organisers must ensure they plan for the weather.


Finding a way to incorporate exercise into your event would be beneficial for getting attendees endorphins raised. Things such as encouraging attendees to travel to your event actively such as walking or cycling to help to boost wellbeing. Improving physical health can subsequently improve mental health so including an element of exercise, however light or heavy in your event is good for wellbeing. Yoga sessions are another way to practice mindfulness, as even a quick 10 minute session can allow muscle relaxation and decrease tension after a stressful working day.

Meeting organisers can also incorporate walking into the meetings themselves. Allowing for fresh air and a change of scenery can be beneficial and even increase productivity and ideas, simply from changing surroundings!


Having employees take part in mindfulness exercises to relax and focus on the present is something to be encouraged at events. For example having a designated quiet zone for time outs, or running a meditation session with an experienced practitioner are just a few ways to incorporate mindfulness into your event.


Background music is another way to subconsciously stimulate attendees and improve their moods. A quiet work area can bring moods down whereas a space with positive music in the background can increase creativity – according to a study in neuromusicology.


Another way to create a positive environment in the event space is to decorate the areas with plants. Many studies have shown that being near indoor plants can lower stress levels. As well as this study from the University of Michigan found that being around plants can increase memory retention by 20%, this highlights the importance of having a piece of nature indoors that can positively affect employees. As well as aesthetically enhancing the place, their hidden benefits make plants a great addition to any event.

At Victoria Warehouse we recognise the importance of providing facilities and tools to accommodate people’s health and wellbeing. From many breakout areas, to the option for music and catering facilities we care about getting it right.
If you’ve got an upcoming event project and want to find out more about hosting events at Victoria Warehouse Contact us today at or call 0161 974 1200.

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