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Why Thursday is the best day for Christmas parties

Friday 03rd November 2023

Choosing the right day for the Christmas party is a crucial decision for many team leaders, office managers, PAs and event planners, and it seems hosting a celebration mid-week is becoming more and more popular.

From a corporate events venue perspective, it’s evident that Thursdays are indeed the new Fridays when it comes to both summer and Christmas parties. This choice offers numerous benefits, from better attendance and increased availability at venues to enhanced experiential opportunities and happier employees.

We’re seeing many clients choosing to host Christmas parties for their teams, with Thursday being the most chosen day. Here are just a few reasons why we agree that Thursdays are the new Fridays when it comes to hosting festive gatherings…

The turn out!   

We get it, Fridays and Saturdays quickly get booked up when it comes to bottomless brunches with friends or birthday drinks. Although when it comes to the work Christmas bash, this means you and your teams are more likely to be free on Thursdays – leading to better attendance rates. Your guests will be grateful that they don’t have to choose between your company celebration and their weekend plans, and the more the merrier when it comes to parties, right?


You’ll get a good price

One of the biggest advantages of hosting your company Christmas party on a Thursday, or earlier in the week, is the increased availability. Because of this, you’re likely to get a competitive price. With Fridays and weekends being popular choices for all different types of events, you’ll likely secure your slot at a better rate if you choose to go midweek, meaning you can use the extra budget on other elements such as food, drink, décor or entertainment.


Talking business

No one wants to talk shop on a Friday evening, do they? Thursdays can give the opportunity to set the scene for talking business before the festivities commence. Clients and event planners may start mid-afternoon with a conference style set-up, offering motivating and thought-provoking speeches around growth plans or the next chapter of the business. Following the recognition comes the reward in the form of food and drink, entertainment, and dancing.


Work / life balance

One of the six pillars of employee well-being is work/life balance, which is becoming more and more important for both employees and employers. Gathering the team together in dedicated worktime such as a Thursday afternoon allows companies to help their teams keep a separation between work time and family time.


Friday, the recovery day

Across the UK, it turns out that just 13% of workers go into the office on a Friday, meaning celebrating on Thursday offers a gentle start to the end of the week for many teams. Colleagues can catch up virtually about the antics of the night before, very appreciative that they’ve not got a busy schedule of family festivities to contend with the next day.


Setting your Christmas party on a Thursday can also distinguish your party from a typical Friday gathering, meaning your teams are likely to remember and appreciate the extra efforts put into creating a unique and spectacular experience.

Whichever day you’re looking to book your festive celebrations, our venue team can help you with designing a party your guests will love. Our packages encompass all the essentials: edgy décor, bright lights and top entertainment, all against an impressive backdrop of industrial red brick.


Whether you’re an office team of 50 or a company of 2,000 plus, we have six spectacular event spaces to choose from, all with our unmistakable warehouse urban charm. Choose from the rustic aesthetic of The Bays or the industrial chic of The Archives, and not to mention our newest, event space, The Tobacco Stores.

With 2023 dates still available, our events team are here to collaborate and support you in delivering your Christmas vision. Chat through Christmas party package options or book a venue showaround by pinging us an email on or giving us a call: 0161 974 1200.

Christmas at Victoria Warehouse, explore more and download our brochure right here.

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