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Reasons To Host An Awards Ceremony

Monday 16th May 2022

Recently at Victoria Warehouse we have hosted many Awards ceremonies with companies celebrating their employees achievements. From the Co-op’s Property Awards to The Pride of Greene King Awards many businesses have chosen Victoria Warehouse to make their event one to remember. We have compiled a list of the top reasons to host an award ceremony.

Encourages A Positive Work Environment

Hosting regular Awards ceremonies is an exciting way for companies to recognise employees achievements. If employees feel valued for their hard work then it will encourage a positive working environment and also give them something to strive for in a fun and competitive way. Having 1 or 2 a year shows employees that they are appreciated, and even if they don’t necessarily win – the event will no doubt be a fun experience therefore making them all more comfortable in the workplace thereafter.

Boosts Motivation And Productivity

With Awards there can also be speeches about the company, discussions of visions for the future and values which can be inspiring for employees to hear. As well as this it can kickstart a new motivation through being included in what’s going on in the company and what is to be expected.

Rewards Employees With A Night Out To Bond

By hosting a fun awards ceremony it gives employees a chance to have a night out, away from the office to get dressed up and socialise with each other. This allows them to bond in a new environment and have fun without the pressures of work. Having an option to provide a sit down meal prior, drinks on arrival and even music afterwards are all measures to be taken into consideration to enhance the employees experience and provide maximum fun and enjoyment. Having a fun and comedic host for the awards is a way to make everyone feel comfortable by laughing with one another at the light-hearted entertainment.

Meeting After Covid

With the past few years robbing companies of face-to-face time, with many a team’s call and zoom meeting, it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate in person. Covid regulations have meant many businesses have had to adapt by working at home however now times are slowly returning to some form of normality, the chance to gather employees after such a long time and recognise achievements will be a great way for employees to get to know each other, with the lack of in-person contact potentially meaning some have never met before.

To conclude, Awards are important for many reasons to companies but most importantly for their staff. Awards can show the team they are appreciated and therefore benefit the business through employee satisfaction producing hard-work. At Victoria Warehouse we have many spaces to host Award Ceremonies, with our Cotton Sheds suitable for 900 guests, the Bays able to host 190, and the Archives and Cellars suitable for 210 and 170 respectively. For more information, visit our website

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