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Industrial Venues: Why They’re Hot Property For Your Event Plan

Saturday 13th April 2019

It’s hard not to fall in love with the industrial aesthetic when you’re in Manchester: a crowning achievement of the cotton and engineering trades in pre-war Britain.

This city was built by people who knew a hard day’s work. Their legacy exists in spaces such as our Warehouse, and that’s a big part of why we’re able to craft unforgettable moments for our clients, however they wish to be remembered.

So why are industrial venues so good for events? Well, there are several reasons. Here are some of the best…

Adaptability is key

Your guests want something different – a concept they may’ve dreamt about, but never seen brought to life. That’s why an events team should be able to shape any and all ideas within the boundaries of their space.

Industrial buildings are very adaptable. They were stripped of ugly or fanciful elements long ago. They are bare, which means we can fix them to suit any theme, purpose or technical ability.

Take The Bays section of Victoria Warehouse, for example. It has a well-stocked, modern bar and hanging lights, but little else to come between you and an ingenious event plan. Brick and steel is exposed. Pillars dot each of the two rooms. Beyond that, it’s a blank slate for whatever you want to achieve.

There’s plentiful space

Imagine a show-stopping launch event – the kind that utilises lights, sound and visual media to draw every eye to a new product, whether that’s a sports car or a new piece of tech.

Or how about a momentous gala dinner, with a separate area for a DJ after hours? Size matters for many events. People should have the room and facilities to enjoy themselves, without ever feeling hemmed in.

Industrial architecture was built to store huge piles of materials and raw goods. That purpose may have diminished in the 21stcentury, but the spacious qualities haven’t changed.

Our largest facility, The Cotton Sheds, has a total dimension of 4,533 sq ft. It’s hosted gigs, awards and much more over the years. Events demand a place that can match their size and creative ambition, and Victoria Warehouse is a perfect case in point.

It’s a ‘look’ that stands out

Glass, chrome and concrete are everywhere. We’ve grown so used to them that they just don’t surprise us anymore. In that context, brick and iron seem like a novelty. People want to feel a sense of the hands that built their environment. That’s why industrial styles are so popular for homes, offices and studios, as well as an events playground like ours.

Victoria Warehouse delivers this timeless impression on a scale your guests may’ve never experienced before. Our spaces are a monument to another age. Combined with state-of-the-art features – including digital displays, backlighting, and sound systems – they offer plenty to marvel at.

We’ve brought the past into the future, creating the perfect setting for memorable experiences – the kind your organisation will thrive on. We’ve done it for many of our top-name clients, such as Facebook, Heineken and AOL. Contact our teamif you want to join their ranks.

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