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How to Plan A Wedding in 6 Months and Under!

Monday 04th April 2022

Recently got engaged and don’t want to wait to tie-the-knot? Planning a wedding in 6 months and under can seem impossible however with determination and the right amount of planning, it’s possible to have a very successful wedding day with less time to plan.

We’ve looked into the key components of planning a wedding and whittled them down into how you can accomplish this in a short space of time.

All About The Budget

Planning a wedding can have many hidden costs therefore deciding what is essential for your special day and fixing a budget accordingly is very important. Arguably this is the most important part of planning a wedding in under six months, as knowing your budget will allow you to decide what your time and energy is spent planning.

Decide The Venue

The venue is a part of planning the wedding in under six months that should be the utmost priority, in fact in the immediate stages of planning venue-searching should be top of the list. Ensure you have looked around a few venues perhaps dedicate a week for this as if some venues do not have the right availability you will need backup options. Finding a venue close to home could work in your favour more here as with the shorter lead time, it will be more convenient for your guests to get to the location and attend.

Find Your Dress

The all important dress! Finding your dream dress can take time however dedicating a weekend and visiting bridal shops with plenty of options to choose from will make finding your dress a lot easier. As the wedding will be in under 6 months, having a dress custom-made could be out of the question or heavily expensive to meet the deadline so if that’s something you want then taking the time and cost into account is important. Renting a dress is another option, a trend for 2022 is being environmentally conscious with our wedding decisions, and renting is a great way to save money also. Check out our blog where we go through this trend in more detail

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are used to working under pressure and also are well-equipped with the knowledge to help you plan your wedding quickly. From knowing the best-local vendors to putting things together quickly it would be beneficial to have assistance in your quick-wedding. However should you not choose to, or have the budget to acquire a wedding planner there are plenty of resources available online to help you prepare a list and get organised when it comes to your wedding.

Guest List

Agreeing with your future spouse on the guestlist for your wedding well ahead of time will give time to send out the invites and allow for your guests to book the time off and make transport arrangements, should it be taking place far away. If you leave it too late to complete this step then some of your loved ones may be unable to make the special day so this is another step that needs to be a priority.


To conclude, getting organised and ensuring your number one priority is planning the wedding, be it alone or (with suggested) help from a wedding planner but rest assured that it is possible! And if you can’t wait to get married then all of planning you will undertake will be worth it for your special day.

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