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Film and Photoshoot Tips for Success

Tuesday 18th January 2022

Victoria Warehouse is no stranger to being an ideal location for films and photoshoots with it’s industrial backdrop as well as a multitude of areas to use including the main cotton sheds which offers over 1250m2 of pillar free flexible floor space. The venue has played host to the filming of the iconic Manchester soap opera Coronation Street, with photo-shoots for stars such as Lucy Mecklenburgh. In addition to this, we played host to a live broadcast on the BBC for the Women’s UEFA Euro Draw where the Cotton Sheds became a Studio with a live audience. When it comes to finding an ideal location for a film and / or photoshoot there are a few things to consider…


When looking for the perfect location for your film and photoshoot location one of the most important things to consider is the location. Is the area close to where your hub is and where your equipment is located? Long transportation to the set will mean less hours filming. An area with good transport links such as trams, buses, taxis is ideal for all of your crew to get to the set therefore feasibility needs to be assessed. Checking these details out before deciding on where to film is a key and crucial factor in the success of the shoot.


When considering the best place to book for your photoshoots and films, the space you choose can impact the whole theme of the shoots. Big settings with lots of space can allow for more room to experiment. However, looking at the script or brief for your project will help you when looking for a location that suits. Making a note of any descriptive comment about the landscape, as well as speaking to the director about the vision will mean that you will have all the information to find the best aesthetic. Our warehouse venue has a unique personality, with an industrial backdrop and 5,326m2 of event space to choose from and dress however you want. With 2 floors and 13 potential filming and photoshoot locations nothing is too big or too small. Our spaces are adaptable with 1250m2 of pillar-free space to use as a blank canvas for sets and photoshoots.


The budget of a film or photoshoot is the most important aspect, with a certain line item being dedicated to the location. Being organised with your finances and ensuring that you have carefully thought out and planned how much money you are able to allocate is crucial. If there are multiple locations, considering the cost aligned to each of them and setting a clear budget will aid with creating your project. Should you encounter problems with budgeting, it may be worth talking with the owners of the locations to see if you can come up with a solution or cheaper offer.

Venue / Location Facilities 

The facilities at the location are to be considered when looking into filming there. For the crew, is there enough car parking spaces to fit your team? If you will need to use a kitchen for catering facilities, is there one available at the venue? Should actors/models need to change costumes, are there dressing rooms in a convenient location? All of these facilities are important to consider when looking at locations for your project as should one be overlooked it could affect the whole project.

Ask the Venues Questions

Once arriving at the potential locations, asking the venue managers questions about the space will be very helpful in the planning process. Everything from the parking situation to what other events may be taking place will help assist in your decisions to choose the location for your shoot. The staff at the locations will be one of your biggest aids to ensuring a smooth-running day therefore don’t be afraid to find out all the information necessary before you decide.


Getting permission to film at your location is important. Firstly, finding out who owns the property or venue and discussing whether they allow filming in their area is key. If the location is private ensure you get a location release form which grants permission for filming to go ahead from the owner. By doing this, the rules are made clear about access to areas and prevents any legal difficulties as there’s a possibility of being sued should you not acquire this.

The location of your film or photoshoot is extremely important, take your time when searching for your perfect venue. Make sure you and your team have a clear vision of what you require from your location and search accordingly. Keep these ideas at the forefront of your mind when heading out to scout potential locations. With all of these in place you’ll be able to start the process sooner and therefore become one step closer to seeing the end result of all of the hard work.

Victoria Warehouse has over breakout 1250m2 of pillar-free floor space, with a 6m high trim for all of your filming and photography special needs. In addition to this we have catering facilities, many bathrooms, green-rooms and breakout areas. Contact us today to book a look around at or call 0161 974 1200

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