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Event Branding Ideas To Make The Venue Your Own

Wednesday 12th June 2019

When planning a milestone event, you want to surprise and delight your guests. This is true of personal celebrations, but even more so for an organisation on hosting duty. Venues like ours are full of scintillating potential. With some creative branding touches, we can turn a plain space into something people will always remember.

So what might you add to this environment? We have some tips to share. Each of these elements can encapsulate your personality, and give people a talking point over drinks or the dancefloor…

Endless photo opportunities

Today, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of photo booths, selfie mirrors or quirky props for a group picture. It’s a great way to break the ice between strangers and to give guests a souvenir. You can theme props or the picture itself around the company logo. Campaigns can then be run in conjunction on social media, with a prize for the best official photograph and caption when they use your dedicated event hashtag.

Giant wall posters

Use your brand aesthetic to craft huge, lovingly detailed print designs on the walls of the venue. The colours and imagery you use will give a sense of what you represent, even if some guests are unfamiliar with it. Use them to advertise some straplines that convey your values, for example; or even just DJ set times or the award show schedule. On the other hand, go for a purely conceptual motif and have the posters as nothing more than a striking visual statement.

A gift bag per table

It depends on the style of your event, but gift bags often make an excellent addition. Corporate meals and similar events with seating plans are the most suitable, however it can work for a more casual affair too – as long as you have high tables to draw attention. We suggest you include items related to your brand in some way. Sweet treats, stickers and badges can be a huge hit at any occasion, but a scannable, secret barcode on a piece of card (with a prize in store) will make a tech launch stand out from the rest, for instance.

Interactive kiosks

Illuminated screens are hard to ignore and will attract several people at a time. A digital kiosk is a multi-purpose tool; it can teach guests about the brand, give them more context, or present a few games to try – all with animation to boost engagement. Alternatively, video footage can play out on a loop, or change with the music you’ve arranged.

Alongside media speakers, furnishing, decorations and presentation gear, your branding should fit seamlessly into what the event is trying to achieve. Victoria Warehouse is like a canvas for your aims. We’ll ensure the brand takes centre stage, recommending and advising on the elements we’ve mentioned here; as well as many more that can make smart use of your budget.

Our team manages everything else – food, catering, security and scheduling. For branding, we can recommend plenty of local partners to craft and install your vision. Speak to us to learn more about our venue, before we get started on helping your personality shine.

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