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Corporate Event Trends for 2022

Monday 10th January 2022

Victoria Warehouse is no stranger to hosting events for some of the world’s biggest companies and brands. From Boohoo to Audi, Facebook to Netflix we are used to working with some of the top businesses across the globe. 2021 has been a year of ups and downs for the events industry, however as we arrive in 2022 there are endless possibilities as to the new ways in which corporate events will be held. Here are some of the predicted trends for these events in 2022…


Many corporate companies are taking the important steps to making their businesses more sustainable and therefore the events they hold will be very evident of that. For example eliminating single-use plastic at the events, from lanyards to plastic water bottles in exchange for reusable ones. This can also be ensuring that there are recycling points around the venue for their employees to be environmentally conscious. As well as this, for businesses who are hosting events where there is a meal involved, ensuring that metal cutlery is used and collected to be washed and reused as opposed to plastic ones. These steps, although seemingly simple and small, will make a big difference should all companies adopt this approach in 2022.

Focus on Health and Safety

Health and safety has always been of paramount importance for the events industry. Over the past two years due to the COVID pandemic, there has been an increased focus on health and safety precautions at events as well as new frequently updated Government guidelines which the industry as a whole has been able to successfully adapt with and implement. 2022 will see this focus continue across the industry with many companies and events organisers routinely coming up with new, innovative and creative ways of bringing teams and audiences together in a safe environment.


The rise in mindfulness and wellness the past few years is something that will continue to grow within the events industry in 2022. With venues needing to provide value and space for these mindfulness and relaxation techniques to take place, including workshops, outdoor activities and wellness-based activities. Many organisations want to provide their employees or attendees with the option to engage with mindfulness and wellbeing therefore the events industry will see an increase in complying with these needs.

Focus on Audio-Visual Production

As many events will have an element of virtual-streaming potential, venues will have to adapt to these needs and understand the importance of high-quality audio and visual production elements. Ensuring they have high-quality Wi-Fi speed and excellent camera and audio equipment will ensure that those attending any events virtually or watching the broadcasts at a later date will still be able to get all of the information delivered.

The Rise in Non-Traditional Venues

Many people are now looking towards booking non-traditional event spaces for their conferences and meetings. Companies are straying away from the ordinary and choosing an exciting and unique venue to host their events. There are many popular spaces that are becoming increasingly popular with hosting corporate events such as museums, warehouses, galleries and even stadiums. The rise in popularity of quirky spaces is a trend certain to continue in 2022 as companies want to create fun experiences for their employees.

Here at Victoria Warehouse we are so excited to welcome everyone back in 2022 and work with yet more innovative brands and groups to make their events at our venue the best they can be.

With a whole host of events already confirmed at our unique industrial warehouse venue, dates are already filling up. Have you got an upcoming event, project or celebration? Get in touch with our sales team to see how we can help you at: or call 0161 660 7000

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