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Molson Coors Beverage Company: The Manchester Experience

Tuesday 21st February 2023

The Concept

Molson Coors Beverage Company recently appointed Ulterior Events supported by Sterling Event Group to deliver ‘The Manchester Experience’ to 200+ clients right here in the basement of Victoria Warehouse.

 The brief required our events teams to work closely together with the client and event & production agencies to project coordinate the event to create a fully-immersive Coors experience. This included internal and external branding, a unique array of evening entertainment with electrifying production and the re-birth of the Hacienda nightclub for one night only – right here within this iconic building in Manchester.

The Experience

The team split out the two basement rooms. The Cellars was transformed into a Coors branded Ice Room, with guests enjoying a custom built 4m ice bar and extraordinary ice entertainment including a frozen DJ booth and shuffleboard. The low lying fog and gobos added atmosphere amongst the branded icy sculptures and the DJ set the tone with hypnotic house beats. Our street-food style offering created especially by our in-house caterers included Spiced Goat’s Cheese Tartlets and BBQ Pulled Chicken Tacos.

Once the clock struck 9pm, the doors opened to The Archives – the ‘Manchester Experience’, complete with Hacienda style branding to pay homage to the famous Manchester nightclub. With over 80 fixtures controlled by the grandMA3 desk – the event boasted ultimate quality when it came to all things lighting and design; and enabled scalability as we worked through the night’s acts and towards the headliner.

The highlight for Manchester music fans was old-school favourites including Bez, Rowetta, Clint Boon, Peter Hook & DJ Paulette taking to the stage to recreate a night at the Hacienda in-style! Midnight brought late-night munchies of cheeseburgers and hot-dogs and the party was rocking until 1am.

Victoria Warehouse

“Our team helped to create an evening experience for Coors and their clients which was meticulously planned from start-to-finish. The two areas of the event worked so well to create the most innovative icy setting whilst the Hacienda setup perfectly fitted with the spirit of our building. The feedback has been amazing and we hope to work with Ulterior Events, Coors and the wider team soon to plan future events.”

Molson Coors Beverage Group

“We immersed over 200 customers with Coors at Victoria Warehouse, bringing together an iconic venue, a line-up of Manchester legends and the freshest beer. Our exclusive ice bar was otherworldly with hypnotic tunes, dry ice fog, ice shuffleboard, bar, DJ booth. We then opened the doors to our ‘Hacienda’ throw back with Manchester icons Bez, Rowetta, Clint Boon, Peter Hook & DJ Paulette lighting up the stage. With outstanding feedback so far, customers experienced what Coors is all about in style.”

 Ulterior Events

An experience like this needs complete teamwork from concept through to execution. We set high standards for our supplier network and the teams from Victoria Warehouse, Sterling and IceBox were brilliant to work with. Flexible, honest and collaborative from start to finish – what a great night. Well done everyone.

Sterling Event Group

“We loved being a part of this incredible evening and the planning process that leads to the success of the night!”

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