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Celebrity Wedding Trends

Wednesday 08th June 2022

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of big and unique celebrity weddings. Some that are larger than life and stepping away from the norm…Here we look back at some of the biggest celebrity weddings over the past few years and the ways in which they have followed and created new trends for their big day.

Christine Quinn and her Black Wedding Dress (2020)

Selling Sunsets most notorious ‘villain’ Christine Quinn stepped away from tradition when she got married to Christian Richard in a black wedding dress. Working with designer Galia Lahav she created the gown in just 2 months. Black is said to symbolise power, strength and elegance making it the perfect colour to make an empowering statement and reject societal norms. It’s also becoming increasingly popular with September and October 2021 seeing ‘black wedding dress’ searched more than white wedding dress!

The theme of the wedding was a Gothic take on a Winter Wonderland, as it happened in December 2019. With no budget Christine was able to go all out with the decor and smaller details. She even included a cake that bled to keep with the gothic horror part of the theme, which was a 55 inch four-tier cake with strawberry balsamic oozing out of it. Not only that she had four-foot-tall gargoyle statues and macabre art installations for cocktail hour. With her grand entrance including a thunderstorm light show extravaganza was the perfect way to go all out and commit to her theme and stay true to what she wanted.

Would you commit to wearing a black dress, or do you think it’s best to stick to tradition?

Kourtney Kardashians Multiple Weddings (May 2022)

Kourtney Kardashian was not shy about having many weddings to Travis Barker. With them not being able to obtain a marriage licence for their wedding abroad they had a smaller ceremony, and before that an unexpected one. With the first being a reckless/ fun ‘Married in Vegas’ stint complete with an Elvis impersonator and tequila. Later it was revealed that this wedding wasn’t legal with Kourtney claiming ‘practice makes perfect’ on her instagram. Following this, Kourtney and Travis legally wed in a courthouse in California on May 15th with a very minimal number of guests like Kourtney’s grandma Mary Jo Campbell. Following this legal wedding was the big nuptial ceremony which went ahead in Portofino Italy, where Kourtney and Travis flew their friends and family to. This wedding was very clearly the biggest with their vows taking place at L’Olivetta, a villa owned by Dolce & Gabbana and then a reception at the 16th Century Castello Brown. World renowned singer Andrea Bocelli sang ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis’ whilst they danced the night away. 

What do you think, is 3 weddings a lot to plan and does it take away from having just one?

Frankie Grande’s Star Wars Themed Wedding (2022)

Themed weddings have risen in popularity with people incorporating something they love and enjoy into their special day. Self confessed ‘nerd’ Frankie Grande hosted a Star Wars themed wedding for his special day, where he married Hale Leon. Not only did they specifically choose May the 4th (otherwise known as international Star Wars Day!) but they incorporated many Star Wars props into their Wedding. From dressing their dog in a Darth Vader Costume, to having the infamous Imperial March as part of the soundtrack. Frankie’s mother Joan Grande officiated the ceremony, with him announcing on Social Media that a bigger affair is in order to celebrate with more of their friends.

The question posed with themed weddings is…Do you love something enough? Due to the fact that the wedding will be centred not only around you but also this theme you have to know that you and your significant other will never waiver with your love of the theme. For example it could be based around a TV Show that has had a controversy etc…this is why the love you have for it must be strong to not regret it.

Themed weddings, a way to include something you love or tacky and untraditional?

Paris Hilton’s 3-Day Wedding (2021)

Paris Hilton’s Wedding to Carter Milliken Reum was a 3-day extravaganza, with the official ceremony taking place on Thursday 11th November. The following day guests were invited to a carnival on Santa Monica pier and Saturday saw the celebrations culminating with a black tie ball.

The wedding itself saw Paris don a Oscar De La Renta gown on her grandfather’s former estate in Bel-Air. With a beautiful ceremony and singer Demi-Lovato covering ‘I Will Always Love You’ on the big day.  Paris’ guests were then treated to a party on the Santa Monica Pier with lemonade, hot dogs, a ferris wheel, Diplo performing a DJ set and guests enjoying a fun-filled party. The final part of the wedding was

What do you think about these celebrity trends? Any you would try or are they too over the top. Here at Victoria Warehouse we have seen huge scale weddings in our Cotton Sheds, to smaller weddings in the Bays. We’ve hosted themed weddings from Festivals to Star-Wars and seen people return for their weddings a year after in an ‘Anniception.’ If you’d like to find out more about weddings at our industrial warehouse then contact us at 

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