News sounds from London are currently on the prowl as fresh vox on the block FEMME shows the world how it’s done. This is a one woman outfit, fronted by the inimitable Laura Bettinson whose also in cahoots with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and drummer Joey Waronker, in synth-trio Ultraista.

Bettinson cut her teeth touring the UK and America with Godrich and Waronker last year, appearing on The Letterman Show within months of Ultraista’s first release, a far from understated introduction to the music business.

Already remixed by the likes of Chvrches, Four Tet and David Lynch, Ultraista are attracting an international reputation for musical finesse. FEMME is Bettinson’s solo project in the embryonic stages of evolution, a sugar-coated candy popping feast for the eyes and ears.

Imagine if Santigold, The Knife and CocoRosie met, downed few pints of lambrini and a packet of sherbet each, then spun some tunes and your somewhere close to the ethos of FEMME. Things would get messy....and probably pretty sticky. In fact FEMME-Fest, with that exact line-up would be a dream come true. They could make as much mess as they liked at Victoria Warehouse, we'd let them off.

Songs like ‘Educated’ are slinky sexed up numbers with feline synths and beat boxed bass lines that beg for group choreography. Try listening to this

or ‘Fever Boy’ without slipping into an instant side shuffle and clicking along like the next Supremes (no seriously, it’s a dare!) ‘Double Trouble’ is addictive electro-fun with multi-layered bleeps and squeaks, and not forgetting the effortlessly cool fem-rap whilst ‘Heartbeat’ is a bass heavy sing-a-long anthem in the making.

It must be said, the whole shebang is saturated in oestrogen as the name might suggest. Bettinson creates, records and produces all the work herself as well as designing all artwork and directing the music videos, she’s a self-sufficient titan of creativity. FEMME’S videos are hilariously shot and usually involve hundreds and thousands, jelly filled doughnuts, swim caps, bubble baths and turtles.

There’s always a steaming hot undercurrent dripping down FEMME's aesthetic that stops it from wandering too far into the realms of cute. Ever wondered what a Bullet Girl is boys? We’ll let you work that one out for yourselves…

Laura Bettinson is a woman with her eyes on the prize, making a lot of hard work look effortlessly natural. Definitely a woman with a finger on her....pulse!

New release 'Fever Boy / Heartbeat' out now available fromwww.thisisfemme.com