When diving into the colourful world ofLiz West’s art installations one thing is immediately obvious, this lady is obsessed with rainbow brightness.

Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Fine Art in 2007 and now living and working from Manchester, it’s safe to assume that these less than tropical environments have spurred her to create her own personal spectrums of synthetic illumination. In a relatively short space of time West's work has been shown in numerous galleries across the UK as well as being flown over to creative hot beds in Barcelona and New York.

Describing her art as a response to space, colour and psychology, it’s evident to see how her simple arrangements of multi-coloured lights and colour coded objects can bring so much joy to art lovers internationally.

Her work ranges from strip lights modestly arranged in rainbow scales to wardrobe installations that invite the public to peek in through specifically designed cracks, once they do a kaleidoscopic world can be observed with rotating mirrors making polychromatic patterns on all sides.

Other projects include shopping trolleys filled with products from supermarkets, meticulously separated in a surreal parody of supermarket sweep into primary colours, then photographed. You get the sense that Miss West really loves categorising the messy palette of the ordinary world into organised groups. There’s a therapeutic sense in all her work of imaginative order mined from the chaos of reality.

West herself admits she suffers from SAD (Seasonally Affective Disorder), a condition that makes sufferers prone to winter depression due to lack of Vitamin D absorbed from sunlight. Fittingly it’s a condition often alleviated by specialist lamps and perhaps herein lies the seeds of West’s passion with stunningly bright light installations and the need to systematise and control her environment. Her creativity has allowed her to turn a generally frustrating condition into a unique visionary insight.

West’s work was most recently featured at the ‘Synthesis’ exhibition held in the new Victoria Warehouse Gallery Space, part of Manchester Science Festivalcurated by the Forefront Collective.

We await her next light bulb moment!